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Pick and Drop Our special services do not end at just dropping the clothes off at your door step, but we take it a bit further by providing the pick and drop services also. If you have lees of time on your side, then not an issue, we will pick it up from your door step, within store radius of 2 km, and drop it off at the same place, just in time. Pick and drop service in gurgaon , best pick and drop service in gurgaon and pick and drop service . Contact Us on +91 8079485579
Shoes Cleaning Service POLISHING For leather shoes only. We use the best quality shoe cream polish to bring back the shine to your shoe that it had when you brought them new. Shoe cleaning service in gurgaon and best shoe cleaning service in gurgaon . DRY-CLEANING We use a variety of safe cleaning agents in the process of dry-cleaning your shoes to ensure that your shoes are not harmed in any ways. LACE REPLACEMENT Finding a lace replacement for your high end shoes can often be a problem. We do shoe lace replacement for all kinds of shoes. Best shoe cleaning service in gurgaon . SOLE / HEEL REPLACEMENT Damaged heels are replaced by new heels for better look and more comfort. Shoe cleaning service in gurgaon and best shoe cleaning service . Contact Us on +91 8079485579 visit us
We are here at Houseneed to create an alternative to your typical laundry and dry cleaning experience, which too often involves confusing pricing, unclear processes or poor customer service. An alternative where delivery occurs at the tap of a button and happens around your schedule. Where people are friendly and knowledgeable about the way your clothes are treated.
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